Saturday, June 1, 2013

Head of the Group of Six

My fellow Fijians

I only have a short post this week as I have been very busy opening conferences and festivals, taking island cruises on new boats and welcoming new planes into Fiji with PM Bai.

As the Head of the Group of only six men who govern Fiji, you can imagine this is a very demanding job.

I had fun at a recent Vodafone sponsored function where I had the opportunity to wear my Gaddafi hat (pictured) , and I also made it across to Malolo island on their new Cat with my son from my wife Gavoka's daughter.

PM Bai has been busy in China where he regards the Premier as one of his new besties.

I have told him to go ask for money in his cheeky wei.

We need it to save face for the Raiwai project otherwise I might knock it all down and turn the site into a new mosque for pilgrims from Dubai visiting Raiwaqa's holy sites like Ed's Courts and Raiwai's own top grounds.

Not to mention the infrastructure for all their shopping needs will be met by the Gold Century Group Company (Fiji) Limited, who are miraculously going to turn Raiwai's famous 17-acre swampy mangrove area into a modern retail centre with professional office space and up-market residential flats for only $500 million.

All this of course is in line with my sought after holistic planning skills.

Next week I will let you know if our plans for a snap election in September of this year are going to go ahead as we have a few factors to consider .

Have a fantastic weekend.

Lomlom, namaste bin-binbinaka


  1. You forgot to include the Top Shop.

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