Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Power struggle is no big deal

Dearly beloved citizens

I am not in a good mood as I have been overwhelmed  for the past 2 weeks or so so my blog post will be very short.

June 5th, it started very well for me and my Gavoka wife and baby when we flew by helicopter to Tavarua to open the International Surfing Competition. I share this wonderful family picture with you.

My son looks just like me don't you think.

After this is when the trouble started and I had to take holistic action.

First I had to sack some Council administrators when staff phoned me to complain that they were acting like the boss for the Casino. Then when their Minister Sam Saumatua tried to interfere with my decision, I had to tell PM Bai to order him to resign as he was undermining my authority.

In addition, I had to assure PM Bai that his actions in ordering Fiji TV to sack their Sports Reporter for insulting PM's daughter Litiani were quite in order. I certainly did not see this as a problem - after all they are still waiting for me to grant them a license to operate, so I hope they will see the error of their ways soon.

The next disaster involved staff at the Elections office who were caught giving advice to the political parties. They had to be sacked for this was not part of their job description. In addition I have given the registrar for political parties Mohammed Saneem, strict instructions that he is to be vigilant about invalidating all political parties, so that PM Bai has a clear unopposed run in the upcoming snap elections to be announced.

Then of course other military ministers started to agitate PM Bai about me. I can tell you that they will be in trouble if they continue to do this. Insha Alla.

Clearly as I have revealed to PM Bai, he must be alert to this power struggle as there are many of his military men in key positions that want me out of Government.

Today Winston Peters has also decided to say something obtuse about me and about Fiji not having elections. He can say all he wants - after all is just a Maori native, and not a Fijian native like me.

Clapping for Golan
I was very busy today applauding the departure of our perilous men in green to the Golan.

This is a gratifying picture of the parade today with me in the VIP stand. My staff were hilariously complimentary and drew a halo around my head . Nice touch - someone will definitely get a promotion for their fine efforts.

I have just finished speaking to Geraldine from Radio Australia about that silly diplomat Green who took PM Bai's place at the rugby and got deported by PM as a result.  I dismissed her comments out of hand rather well I thought. Now I have to go to the Radio Station with PM Bai, as I am very busy serving the needs of our country.

If you have not heard already, there will be a  big announcement today at 6 pm by PM Bai about preying, so be sure to listen in. For myself, I will be going to my mosque to offer prayers for their souls in Syria. Insha Alla.

Sukria, Bahoot  Lomlom, namaste bin-binbinaka

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  1. hahahahahaha. LOLz Kaiyum. I like your honesty 'bro. You are truly a beacon for transparency. There should be more of you straight talkers up there in the guvment.


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