Monday, April 29, 2013

Preparing for Early Elections with a Mini Census

My fellow Fijians

The huge numbers of marama's waiting for me
Briefly, I was touched and gratified to see the large marama's and turaga's waiting for my arrival at Wailoku last week on my whistle-stop tour of the country's city halls to discuss my daft constifusion. You can tune into the action on Facebook here.

I note the gravity of getting down to the indigenous level for such consultations.

Me talking to the people
The people were visibly moved to see me, the Attorney General of Fiji, ensconced, and cross legged on their concrete floors lined with their best mats and tapa to talanoa with them. I realise of course (and so does Bainimarama)  that this is the only way for a pivotal holistic depiction. And the only way forward for Fiji.


My Ministry of Information will post on it's website where my next appearance will be. In addition, should you wish me to appear at your village venue, please contact Sharon at MINFO, who will be more than happy to book me.

Personal interpreter- Ho
My personal interpreter and bodyguard Ho, travels with me . He has requested that I publish a picture of him so you may recognise him on arrival and accord him the necessary security briefings for my next showing.


You may have noticed that yesterday, Bai and I started sending special census personnel into the towns and cities of Fiji - house to house - to deliver notes to each household notifying them that my agents would be coming around this week to gather more data.

Please note that this is a mini census, and is in preparation for the up-coming elections which we may hold sooner than we expect, seeing as my consultations on the Draft Constifusion is going way better than Bai and I had anticipated.


I wish to thank the Government of Mr Neil the PM of Papua New Guinea for the very generous donation of $40 million dollars that will enable us to hold our elections earlier than we anticipated.

As such, Bainimarama in his wisdom, has decided that their funds can be used to fund the mini-census that we are now embarking on.

The information we glean from this mini census will enable us to strategize how best we can win the elections for our collective good.

When this task is finished, we will be able to announce elections which all being well will probably be scheduled for September of 2013 - yes, THIS year. Not next year.

But stay tuned. It is part and parcel of being transparent at all levels of my government , and I will inform you of events as they eventuate.

Lomlom namaste bin-binbinaka

PS  ..... thanks readers for your comments . Just a reply to one of my readers as follows:
Thank you Gadhafi. You name is very familiar although I can't quite recall as I am very busy these days with so many people calling and asking me to do things it is impossible to track.

I am pleased you are finding my blog honest and transparent. I have been sounding this message for a while. Now, to  answer your questions, well I am limited somewhat in the intellectual abilities of those I have been saddled with at the moment. This will change however notwithstanding a few changes to be implemented soon.

In regards to our beloved Prime Minister, while you may have an opinion, perhaps the word moron is a touch over the top but it is one of those issues I have been talking about for a while where the issue becomes a non-issue after a while. Perhaps you get my drift without giving too much away, especially when fresh intellect such as Aziz is waiting in the wings.

In so far as unstable , delusional and liable is concerned. Again holistically speaking, I wouldn't make an issue here or rock the boat especially when it is known that our beloved leader equates the words liability and libel as one and the same. I certainly wouldnt wish to be the one that tries to correct this.

I hope I have made myself clear.

Welcome to my new blog

Bula my fellow natives and other countrypersons

I am pleased to announce my new blog. One that will keep you abreast of all the up to date happenings in our beloved Fiji.

My primary objective is to ensure that you get it from the horses mouth right here, and are not making issues out of non-issues as the anti-regime bloggers quite often do.

We had a very successful recent round of pictures consultations recently discussing my draft constifusion . The number of people at Rishikul numbered in the hundreds as seen here.  I apologize for the quality of the photo but I am the one under the spotlight.

Please subscribe to my blog, and for more action pictures please be sure to visit my Government Facebook Page here.

Lomlom namaste bin-binbinaka