Friday, May 10, 2013

Interference in Fijian affairs not welcome but new friends are

Fellow Fijians ....

The draft constifusion has been a priority, but I confess to be short-tempered as precious time has been wasted this week, band-aiding consequences of an atrocious attempt to blemish the efforts of my office in the tourism sector.

Anti-tourism website


The website I speak of is one set up by union figures both here in Fiji and internationally  where they have advocated tourists not visit our peaceful democratic country. Felix Anthony in particular I have to report to PM Bai for saying that my decrees are draconian. This is an affront to my tireless and thankless work !

World Trade Union Website discouraging tourists from coming to Fiji
As an added insult to my intelligence Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary has accused PM Bai and I of  "stifling criticism, discussion and freedom of association"

To add further injury, international trade unions are now saying that 60% of wage and salary earners in Fiji live below the poverty line Furthermore, they have dared to describe my decrees as "restricting freedom of association, and rejecting constitution reforms previously proposed by an eminent panel"

This is all just brouhaha.

These people are simple idiots, who fail to recognise me as that deus ex machina to all Fiji's woes.

New brand of tourist to Fiji forged with new friendships


PM Bai has assured me that his wontok bro's in the MSG forum, his newly formed friendships with the G77 autarchs, and the relationships he has formulated looking north with China and North Korea will bring a new brand of tourists here that won't care about such trifle.

All we want is their money. Everything else is secondary.

Those of you thinking about writing to me about the obvious contradiction between PM Bai's "looking North" policy and his leadership of the Southern G77 "looking south" - DON'T!

Sharon and Andrew during coaching session for PM Bai
In my holistic opinion, this is definitely bi-polar and I do not wish to waste my time on it having pointed this out several times to the honourable leader.

“Thus in the interests of global harmony, equity and development we must strengthen the development commitments of North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation.”

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In addition, I was disappointed in both Andrew Thompson and Sharon as their coaching did not terminate the cringe factor on the day of PM Bai's speech to the G77 to whit this sentence:

Thus in the intress of gloibal harmny, iqwuity an' devlopment, we musht stregthun tha develpment commitments of  Noth-Noth, Noth-Shouth, Shouth-Shouth, Shouth-Noth and triangular coprashion

In my book it was unforgivable to so publicly expose our PM to his major impediment. The anti-regime blogs have already seized on this , and this will only exacerbate it.

Fatalities on duty 


I was contacted this week by families worried about a curse on my government seeing as a Navy officer drowned this week whilst guarding the G77 autocrats at the InterContinental Hotel. Rahimahullah.

In fact it has been a matter of concern the escalation of deaths of military personnel lately. Of course this would not happen if they all ate better - things like apples, strawberries  and pears like my family have to keep them healthy. Its simple for goodness sake. Insha Allah.


Milestones this month 


My main man the new Registrar from Sri Lanka, Mohammed Saneem has been instructed by me to go ahead and announce the registration of the main political parties. This has brought (short-lived) joy to the main proponents of the anti-regime movement, as they do  not realise that they will all be halted and de-registered after I find them deficient in the requirements for the next hurdle I have placed ahead of them. They are all but fools. Hasbi Allah.

Other milestones I have engineered this week include the pronouncement by my Chief Judge that Akuila Yabaki, is indeed guilty of contempt of court and other seditious remarks. Yabaki said we control all appointments to the judiciary and independent commissions, and called this having a “dangerous” concentration of power. This is of course quite false.

Me at Press Conference with Altaf's water
We manage these appointments which is quite different to 'controlling'. Far from 'dangerously' concentrating powers, we have merely incorporated all authority in Fiji in an all encompassing way so that we can take Fiji forward on PM Bai's roadmap.

This has been very transparent as you can all see with more than 40 military personnel placed in charge of everyday government machinery, and not dangerous at all. We have not hidden this fact ,  in fact it is the only emphatic option to take, so what Yabaki has said is complete rubbish.

The comme il faut judgement by Calanchini is vey much in line with the *scorched earth policy PM Bai and I have pursued from the beginning. Insha Alla.

Reminder of my powers


To enlighten those of you who may be thinking to further offend me like Yabaki has done, and/or further undermine my actions or that of my government, this is the *policy of either intimidating you and your family by physical or psychological means , or pursuing you through my court system so that we bankrupt you and so malign your reputation in the community, it becomes a given fact that you never work again or be forced to retreat to a small slum somewhere .

Me (Attorney General) Policy enforcer
We will put you through such misery you will crawl into some insignificant cave somewhere and never emerge to threaten me or PM Bai again. To further remind you of the extent to which we can go, I would refer you to the case of Jalal and Tuisaloa. Be warned. Subhanallah.

PM Ba. Policy forcer
Notwithstanding other court judgements soon to be delivered on other critics of my decrees, I will also be pursuing all those people who have condemned my intelligence and my transparency - people like Mac Patel, Urai, Anthony, Samisoni, Narsey, Paula Raqeukai, Qarase, Teimumu, Nawadra, Baba, Beddoes and Chaudhry senior to name but a few. Na’uzhu-bi-Allah.

Business Community Portal


As Minister for Communications, I have decided that I will auction the 4G spectrum soon.

I made this announcement as the distinguished Chief  Eminent Guest Speaker to the high-powered Pacific conference on finance and investment this week .This will ensure that the business community in Fiji knows who the real executive is. Ma Sha’ Allah.

I anticipate this auction will enrich my office coffers by prodigious amounts. It is already difficult to process the visitations and delegations to my office from companies and individuals who wish to be dealt favorably by me. My financial adviser who is also my Aunt , Nur Bano will be assisting me in this process, and our advice will be accepted by our PM Bai.


World Media Freedom Day


I received this letter from my good friend Lomas at the Fiji Sun who said there were whispers that I engineered the removal of Narsey. Well of course this is my job. Tawakkal-tu-’ala-Allah. I cannot and will not have anyone speaking out against my government or my decrees. I publish the Narsey letter to show you that I will not tolerate such complaintsSubhanallah.
Dear Sir,
As part of the World Media Freedom Day celebrations by the USP Journalism Students Association I was invited, and had accepted an invitation to be the Chief Guest and speaker on their program.The USP management instructed the Head of School (Professor Mishra) and the Dean of FAL (Dr Kendrayate) to have me removed from the program and this was done.
It is an ongoing tragedy that our regional university continues to limit the academic freedom of not only the academic staff but also the students, while depriving this Fiji citizen of his freedom of speech and academic discourse to the journalism community.

Professor Wadan Narsey

New member of the Kahboom household


My new dog - Barka
My wife and son welcomed a new member of the household yesterday.

We have a new dog and her name is Barka.

She is quickly recognizable and well known already in our neighbourhood with all our bodyguards. Ma Sha’ Allah.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Lomlom, namaste bin-binbinaka


  1. Funny how dogs eventually look like their masters. Or wait - is it the other way around ?

  2. We've swallowed enough of this mans idiocy, would some one please get up and shoot him!

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  4. I don't think any government of this country as done the right thing ever!!!. im not Fijian but from what I see is a load of crap on this blog. Give me something a little more original. and worth reading


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